Created and curated by Janek Schaefer

Foundsoundscape was inspired by the very first Digital Radio station in the UK, that simply played a recording of a rural location. Radio you could just leave running to add a peaceful ambience to your environment indoors. It heralded a new media paradigm, as digital broadcasting offered more capacity than requred for the first time, and that space needed filling. At the same time on TV, Channel 4 was broadcasting Big Brother live 24hours, and at night I loved to tune-in my analogue TV sets all over the house, and the shed, so I could hear the housemates gently sleeping as I worked through the night. Since then infomercials, and gambling TV have taken over, and I greatly miss that sense of real-time space, that does not demand your attention. This then just quietly underscores your environment, by creating new ones from others.



Janek Schaefer

Chris Watson

Brian Eno

Charlemagne Palestine

Phil Niblock

British Library Sound Archive

Richard Chartier

Stephen Vitiello

Douglas Benford

Graham Dunning

William Basinski

Gino Zardo

Marc Richter

Arno Peeters

Peter van Cooten

Mike Weis

Knut Aufermann

Mary Malecka

Paul Cox

Philip Blackburn

Stephan Mathieu

Philipp Ilinskiy

Susan Martin

Jake Muir

Chris Dooks

Darren McClure

Jeremy Young

Stuart Bannister

Robin Parmar

Yui Onodera

Frans de Waard

Ben Gwilliam

Craig Johnson

Stuart Craig

Luis Fernandes

David Slater

Hiroki Sasajima

Chris Deison

Paul Whitty

Bas Mantel

Justin Bennett


Martin Franklin

John Kannenberg

Charlotte Heffernan


Derek Holzer

Ben Horner

Nick Fells

Taylor Dupree

Peter Cusack

Nickolas Mohanna

Ian Baxter

Bobbie-Jane Gardner

Yan Yun

Tomotsugu Nakamura

Chihei Hatakeyama

Yannick Dauby

William Yates

Chris Koelle

Simon Fisher Turner

Rod Stasick

Jonathan Palmer

Gregory Kramer

Rob Dansby

Dave the Rave

Wouter Messchendorp

Robert Svantesson

Omer Eilam

Radboud Mens

Michael J. Schumacher

Danny Lavie

Christopher Bradbury

Stephen Packe

Kevin Wienke

Mark Lyken

Michael Jennings

Kerry Ware

John Grzinich

Marc Namblard

Radovan Scasascia


Jason Domers

Craig Goods

Vijay Sekhon

Jan van den Brink

Robin Russell

Ben Minto


Yasuhiro Morinaga

Philip Jeck

John Wynne

Tony Webster


Javier Ucelay Urech

Wayland Iverson

Matt Wright

Cedrick Eymenier

Jez Riley French